Jungle Boogie

A random movie was X, whose cover is shown in its Technicolor glory.

For those well-versed in African languages, X is a word meaning danger/risk, and has Arabic roots.



The only reason this movie would be known is for this particularly joyous n jazzy theme song Y, which should hopefully play if you click on it.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2535544&dest=-1]

The tune became very popular, covered and copied by zillions of artists.

The composer of the tune was Mr.Z, who’s a celebrity in the music world for composing another tune, which should be apparent if you listen to Y.



Id X, Y, and Z.

[ Note : Boogie usually means the blues, and Jungle Boogie was a funk song. Consider it as a desperate pulp fiction reference, and NOT as a clue. much thanks ]

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