Good News Everyone!

Mods are awesome!!!

Skyrim being a sandbox game,allows a lot of freedom when it comes to user created content. Not surprisingly a new mod comes up quite frequently which allow you to change the game content and experience. But this mod concerns itself with an something that feels rather….left out.

There are these crabs that roam around all bodies of water. These critters are quite harmless and don’t really feature on top of the enemy list. However after putting this mod they may become the funniest as it makes them look like a certain Jewish alien doctor that claims to have a degree  in art history.

What does this mod do?

A Whole New Dimension

Ever played Sonic-The Hedgehog, or Street Fighter?This should be easy then.

This effect was first used in an arcade game called Moon Patrol.It is achieved by moving sprites or layers of sprites independently of each other and/or the background to create a sense of added depth. It works on the same principle that lies behind a common error that you might be prone to commit in a chemistry lab.

And I’ll keep the comic book reference out this time.

What is this principle known as?


Many parodies have been made by players/victims of a non playable, unnamed character that appears in a certain game, to exact their revenge . Said game first came out in 1985 for the NES. This character was supremely annoying and would snigger and laugh at the player for failing to achieve the required target. It has been declared as the most annoying gaming character in all of gaming history by many critics.Most of these parodies will let you shoot the character(something that wasn’t possible in the actual game). This became a possibility however in the arcade version of the game where it jumps up and down the screen trying to distract you.

Swords and Souls

A and B are 2 wildly popular 3D fighting video games revolving around the demonic runeblades of the same names respectively. These swords “could have been” inspired by another sword wielded by the albinistic, antihero protagonist of a fantasy series of books. The author of the books received a song writing credit for the song C, inspired by the same sword, for the band D. Neil Gaiman wrote a short story about a troubled boy who loves the stories about the protagonist, and finds escape from the everyday world in them. The story was published in the short story collection Smoke and Mirrors.

Answer everything if you want to keep your soul!


Have you played “The Binding of Isaac” yet?Its pretty awesome if you’re into such a thing

The seven deadly sins appear as mini bosses in the game. All of them have unique sprites. Except for one. This one is just a color swap on a pre existing sprite for a different monster. After the expansion pack “Wrath of the Lamb” all the seven sins monsters were upgraded to “super” status, giving them newer, more disturbing sprites. But the one in question is just bigger with maybe its eyes open.

Which one is it? Very workoutable.