A ray of light, slightly curved

And, the 4th question in the Paschimi Shastreeya Sangeet theme week

A, is the first opera by B.





A is loosely based on the various facets of life of an über-famous 19th-20th century icon –  X.

a popular ‘cola-wars’ ad, shows X in a dilemma over which beverage is to be chosen, as one of the tracks from A is playing in the background.

B is a very prominent 20th century composer, still very much alive, known for a style of composing, which involves repeating a small amount of music over and over and over and, well you get the point.

Give me B, and A.

Cracked by panda and Chandrakant

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I’m blue da ba dee da ba die

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. The themed week here be.

From Monday, till the coming Friday, my questions will be loosely based on this topic right here.


. er, that is, western classical music and Operas.

Note: The questions are unconnected. [ i.e, no stage-2 ]

So, the first one in the series.

  • A smurfy fan-art, but fairly accurate representation.


Some people would consider even that kerchief as a give-away, so no clues.

What was the popular name for this trio?

or for glory, identify them.

Cracked by Chandrakant, Capt. P J Vogon, and Hasan

Oh gaad, you people even got the accent marks right.
Such sharp Diacritics 🙂


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