X was originally a normal human called Nick Chopper. He kept losing limbs from an enchanted axe, but each time he lost a body part, he had it replaced with a prosthetic, thus finally becoming X.
This is an example of a philosophical paradox that raises the question- if an object has all its parts replaced, does it fundamentally remain the same.
The name of the paradox also lends its name to an acclaimed Indian indie movie.
Name the character and the paradox.

Last Man Standing

X is a philosophical idea concerning the existence of oneself. It is quite wacky to say the least an thus has been referenced in many works(read satirized). In Iain Banks’ Against A Dark Background, a hovercraft full of Xist mercenaries makes an appearance. Their philosophy however keeps them from being a cohesive unit.

“I used to be called Elson Roa”.

“Elson Roa”, she repeated.

“But then I became God”,he nodded. “Or rather realized that I always had been God. God in the monotheistic sense that I am all that really exists”.

“But if you’re God,” Sharrow said to Elson Roa, “why do you need the others?”

‘What others?” Roa said.

Sharrow looked exasperated. “Oh, come on.”

Elson Roa shrugged. “My apparences? They are the sign that my will is not yet strong enough to support my existence without extraneous help. I am working on this.” Roa coughed. “It is, indeed, in a very real sense, an encouraging sign that we lost six of our number at the Log-Jam, as this indicates my will is becoming stronger.”

“What about the others? Do they – the apparences – all call themselves God, too?” she asked.

“Apparently,” Roa said, without the hint of a smile.

“Hmm.” She bit her lip.

Roa looked suddenly confused. “Um, apart from one, who’s an atheist,” he said suddenly.

“I beg your pardon?”

“We all call ourselves God except for one apparence, who is an atheist.”

“Ah-ha,’ she said, nodding slowly. ‘And what does this person call themself?”



 What is X?

Days of Our Lives

The Omphalos hypothesis argues that God created the world recently , but complete with signs of great age. It claims that in order for the world to be “functional”, God must have created the Earth with mountains and canyons, trees with growth rings, Adam and Eve with hair, fingernails, and navels, and that therefore no evidence that we can see of the presumed age of the earth and universe can be taken as reliable.
XYism is a parody religion created in response. It claims that the Universe was actually created XY, and any memories or evidence of events before that were created at the same time. The schism known as VYism claims that the universe hasn’t been created yet, and what we think is happening now is just false memories we’ll have once it exists. Of course, some might argue that both sides are heretics.
XY and VY please.

Valentine’s Day Post

A was written by B where he explores the nature of love through thought experiments. In this he categorized love in four categories based in part on the four Greek words for love.

C stood for affection, fondness through familiarity among, say family members.

D stood for friendship.

E stood for romance. This was not so much about sexuality as it was about having an emotional connection with the other person.

F stood for unconditional love. It can also be seen as charity as its essence is self sacrifice.

Answer everything.

yvan eht nioj

Omphaloskepsis -is it a made up word? What word isn’t?

It means X.

Actual use of the practice as an aid to meditation is found in the practice  of yoga in Hinduism and sometimes in the eastern orthodox church as some consider the _____ to be a “powerful chakra of the body”. From there X has come to mean anyone being extremely introspective and existential.

However, X can also be used to describe the act of thinking about something trivial or thinking about your fighting potential on the sea or self-absorbed pursuits- professionals interested in themselves: movies about Hollywood, or television shows about television writers.

It may also lead to some necessary hygiene.

Supply X.

“I know that I know nothing “

A was a Greek philosopher, considered to be one of the greatest of all times, left no written records. He questioned his students in an unending search for truth. He sought to get to the foundations of his students’ and colleagues’ views by asking continual questions until a contradiction was exposed, thus proving the fallacy of the initial assumption. This method of teaching is named after the philosopher himself.

It comes up in modern teaching when an instructor feigns ignorance of the subject and asks questions to the students to draw out the correct answer. A well-read student will often try to bring out information which doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter. This  leads the instructor to shut the student down. This method is standard in American law schools.


Have you played “The Binding of Isaac” yet?Its pretty awesome if you’re into such a thing

The seven deadly sins appear as mini bosses in the game. All of them have unique sprites. Except for one. This one is just a color swap on a pre existing sprite for a different monster. After the expansion pack “Wrath of the Lamb” all the seven sins monsters were upgraded to “super” status, giving them newer, more disturbing sprites. But the one in question is just bigger with maybe its eyes open.

Which one is it? Very workoutable.

God plays poker

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Id the gentleman, and spin a general philosophy connect.





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Zombies love skynet

Shown is the bust of an extremely popular whiz of the 19th century who became a semi-crackpot in later years.



One of his contributions to philosophy ( to the origin of species to be precise), was a statistical concept, fondly called X.

X , was the subject of this dilbert piece.



What’s X?

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