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Excerpt from a Yes Minister script. Which famous person wrote it?

PM: Yes. It’s all very simple. I want you to abolish economists.

JH: [Mouth open] Abolish economists, Prime Minister?

PM: Yes, abolish economists ….. quickly.

SH: [Silkily] All of them, Prime Minister?

PM: Yes, all of them. They never agree on anything. They just fill the heads of politicians with all sorts of curious notions, like the more you spend, the richer you get.

JH: [Coming around to the idea] I see your point, Prime Minister. Can’t have the nation’s time wasted on curious notions, can we? No.

SH: [Sternly] Minister.

PM: Quite right, Jim. Absolute waste of time. Simply got to go.

JH: [Uncertain] Simply got to go?

PM: [Motherly] Yes Jim. Don’t worry. If it all goes wrong I shall get the blame. But if it goes right – as it will – then you’ll get the credit for redeploying a lot of underused and misapplied resources. Probably get promotion too.

SH: [Indignantly] Resources? Resources, Prime Minister? We’re talking about economists.

PM: Were, Sir Humphrey. Were.

JH: [Decisively] Yes Humphrey, were. We’re going to get rid of them.

PM: Well, its all settled then. I’ll look forward to receiving your plan for abolition soon. Tomorrow, shall we say? I’d like you to announce it before it all leaks.

JH: [Brightly] Tomorrow then, Prime Minister.

PM: Yes. Well, go and sort it out. Now, Sir Humphrey ….. what did you say your degree was?




X’s law reformulated as “Usenet Rule #4”:
“Any off-topic mention of Y will cause the thread it is mentioned in to come to an irrelevant and off-topic end very soon; every thread on UseNet has a constantly-increasing probability to contain such a mention”.
What is X?
The person referred to in the law goes into the connect.

Axis Powers Hetalia is a  popular anime showing an allegorical tale of the history of the world, especially during World War II, with anthropomorphizations of different countries and the various stereotypes associated with them.
In the show, Italy and X were briefly raised together as infants, before Grandpa Rome took Italy away to live with him for the Renaissance period. By the time Italy returned to his place of birth, the other children had become bullies to him.
Italy was claimed by Austria, on the behalf of X, after a period of war. The two children lived together in the same household, X harboring a crush on Italy, who he believed to be a girl (don’t ask its the Japs). However, life soon became uneasy. X  asked Italy to become a part of his empire, which he refused, remembering what had  happened to his grandfather. X left,  leaving  Austria, Hungary, and Italy behind.
Eventually, after the long period of war (almost three decades), X was believed to have died. In a scrapped strip, France broke the news to a teenage Italy that X was no more.
What is X?
X goes into the connect.
X was one of the leaders of the Indian National Congress and one of the founding fathers of the Republic of India. He is known to be a social leader of India who played an unparalleled role in the country’s struggle for independence and guided its integration. He took charge of the task to forge a united India from the British colonial provinces and more than five hundred self-governing princely states. Often known as the “Y of India“(because of Y’s similar role in the unification of his own country), he is also remembered as the “Patron Saint” of India’s civil servants for establishing modern all-India services.
Who are X and Y?
Y goes into the connect.
What is the connect?

Respect. in memoriam

I’m sure Late. Senator X would’ve scoffed at the representation of  Y as shown in this figure.





The figure shown is borrowed from a show, a screenshot put below.



The name of this sitcom you needn’t identify.

Id X, Y.
Put as much funda as seems fit.

P.S : Don’t worry too much about the tilted photos.
They’re an attempt to keep Leila Boujnane and Paul Bloore away.


Cracked completely by Royan. Nihar got the name of the Senator right.

Good work, fellas.


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Suit yourself, Mr. Tweedledum

Yeah, we didn’t post for a while. Lazy QM’s, we.
Here are three questions. All of them are fairly easy.

1. A, is known by the name of a person B in the western world, while in the land of the Great Firewall, it’s known by the name of C.
B, C ?


2. Sean Connery, and Mike Myers, are flaunting this apparel, that became immensely popular in the west, following a certain celebrity group’s endorsement in one of their historic music tours.
The suit, and the group, please.



3. Shown is a representation of a character Z, wearing a suit, famous around the WWII times. These have had their share of notoriety owing to a violent sequence of events, at around the same timeframe. The chief perpetrators were identified by their excessive ‘wearage’ of these type of suits.
The character is of course part of a long-running comic strip created by Y.
The ‘soot’, and Y( or the comic strip).


P.S : Also, In the witty words of bigfatphoenix,
Safari Suit #kvlt


Mrinalini cracks all three. Respect.

Mr. Guessthelogo, and Mr.quintili < long_name> get the 2nd one right.


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Pachydermal Punch

The political satire cartoon in pic1 was illustrated by guy in pic2, who’s better  known for drawing the characters of a very popular book-series for kids, written by the uber-famous guy in pic3.

The inspiration for two of the lead characters in the afore-mentioned book-series, was the son of the guy in pic3 and the furry creature in pic4 .

The task is simple. Id the references to the two elephants in pic1 [ both were Indian political Parties back then, one still is ] , and the people shown in pic2, and pic3 .

Owing to the sheer size of this connect,this should be classified as a monthly, I guess 🙂









Cracked completely by v0g0n,Kumar G V and Debasish

and partially by Rachit Agarwal.

@Anees [ To which of my subquestions was that an answer 😛 ]

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