X were plastic dolls introduced around 1950. Their name was derived from the name of the Roman god of love. They were cheap enough to give away as fairground prizes and are now collectible enough to be worth thousands.
However their cuteness also made them the subject of a certain psychological and ethological effect, which says that cuter babies(read those with larger foreheads, round faces and plump features) receive more attention from their caretakers than ‘less cuter’ babies.
Supply X.


How X are you?

This questionnaire tests you for your reactions towards the things listed (its incomplete).
1. Tortoise
2. Insects
3. Calfskin
4. Television viewing
5. Nude photo
6. Butterflies
7. Raw oysters
8. Boiled egg
In August 2003 The Wave Magazine presented these same questions to candidates in the local mayoral elections and reported their responses. One of the candidates, Tom Ammiano, recognized the test’s source by questions 2.
Another candidate, Angela Alioto, became agitated at the line of questioning, complaining “Let me ask you, John, how does this fit in to the bigger picture when you ask me about the tortoise and butterflies?” The interviewer’s reply was straight out of the source, “They’re just questions, Angela. In answer to your query, they’re written down for me. It’s a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. Shall we continue?”
Where do u find this? What does it determine?